Fustes Garriga

In Fustes Garriga S.C.C.L. lumberyard, we are dedicated to the commercialization of exotic tropical species and import in general with a long history in the world of wood.

Our main goal is to provide personalized advice on the most suitable timber for each type of work, studying with great interest and all queries quickly and requested budgets, putting forward our idea of leaving the customer satisfied and confident with your project.

Available for a wide range of quality materials Treatise on dryer perfect for Transformation, specially intended for the decoration, Ebanistería, Musical Instruments and carpentry. Also We have in-room Special width of countertops for kitchen, bathroom and envelopes counter. We have a section dedicated to the school, carving, marquetry y trabajos manuales studies that precise in-room small in size.

Feel free to call us and we will gladly assist your inquiry. You can also send us a message with form .